Real sympathy is a shared feeling. It is usually a feeling of sorrow or compassion for another person's loss or predicament. It is part of our conditioned learning to express sympathy for someone's situation. It can be a few standard words or phrases such as 'sorry for your loss'. However, real sympathy had a different connotation.
Let us learn this evening about the finer nuances in the meaning of these human emotions.
About Speaker:
Jaymini Patel: For over 40 years Jaymini has been a teacher with the Brahma Kumaris.   A gifted and inspiring speaker, she has represented the Brahma Kumaris in many countries. She is the main Co-ordinator for community outreach in the UK, in particular in the Midlands. A tireless and dedicated worker, she is also the director for the BK Publications in London, and has been key instrument to create and produce high quality publications, audio and media products which have touched and transformed many people lives.She lived and studied with the senior Rajyoga teacher, Dadi Janki. Dadi’s intensive yet practical training instilled in her a deep sense of care for people at every level and a deep recognition of truth and love.She looks after all practical elements of death, dying, bereavement and funerals for the Brahma Kumaris in London. The time of death and what to do next, including how to deal with the change, brings a lot of complex emotions and things to deal with.  

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