Clear Vision: What's on The Other Side? 
What exits on the other side of this time we are living through? Join us as we explore the beauty on the other side of our current situation. Imagine a world where...our hearts are always overflowing with kindness and we only see goodness in others. 
Speaker: Judy Johnson - Canada

For 35 years Judy Johnson has worked as a facilitator and coaching consultant in experiential learning, leadership development and organizational effectiveness. She works with government, private and community-based organizations internationally and locally. 

She holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters of Adult Education.

Judy is known for her insight and her ability to go into the depth of a subject in a light & entertaining way. 

She uses a balance of reflective, creative and interactive activities to assist individuals and groups to use their natural wisdom, talents and inner power to create and sustain constructive forward momentum in their organizations.

She is an author of 5 books including a youth novel written with her 2 daughters. She coordinates the activities of the Brahma Kumaris in Halifax, Canada. 

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