Each finger is so different and yet when united as a hand it can perform wonders. Everyone has specialities or virtues that make us unique. When we work together, a mountainous task becomes like cotton wool. The seed for unity is to recognise that we are all spiritual beings and to celebrate the universal and yet unique goodness present in each one.
Discover the secrets behind sustaining unity within, in the family, community and the world too!
Speaker: Raksha Balbadhur, South Africa
Raksha Balbadhur is a medical doctor of 20yrs with specialisation in palliative medicine, and a master’s degree in the dignity experience of patients with advanced disease. She is a student and teacher of meditation for 22 years.  She is founder and chairperson of a Non-Profit Organisation in South Africa to support healthcare practitioners & board members of local and national palliative medicine bodies. She brings meaning and peace to the lives of patients in the most challenging time of their lives.

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