Often disharmony and struggle in the inner world cause conflicts and battles in the world outside. It is also true that the very outcome that we like to experience, PEACE, is within us, waiting like a little child, with his/her hands raised, ‘give me a chance’. Adopting the 'Inside-Out' approach, embrace and begin with peaceful thoughts and responses and see the magic unfold in your world. 
Let us learn to experience our own inner peace so that we can impact our surroundings and play our part in contributing to universal peace.
About Speaker: 
Born and educated in Argentina, Moira Lowe worked as a surgical nurse and studied Museum Administration out of her passion for art. On a two year journey, at the age of 24 searching for the true meaning of love and a higher purpose in life she found the Brahma Kumaris in 1986 at their headquarters in Mt. Abu, India.
Since then she has helped with the establishment of Raja Yoga Meditation centres in several countries in South America. She is currently the director of the Brahma Kumaris centres in Argentina. She travels extensively sharing spiritual wisdom to bring change in individuals and organizations in different walks of life.
Moira is very cheerful and light-hearted and lives by the deep conviction that life is a wonderful game that we play. Love for truth, love for the Human Family and love for God is her driving force.

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