It’s amazing to feel the energy produced by home cooking, particularly when it is vegetarian.  This is why everyone loves their parents’ food the most.  When you consider the energy of a calm mind, the idea of adding that to our food becomes very appealing.  In addition, when food is prepared with greater respect and feelings of protection for animals and the Earth’s resources, we can truly enjoy our food and reap full benefits for both body and mind.


About speaker: Ranjan Amin, UK

Making commitment and being honest are at the heart of daily practice for Ranjan. Dedicated to enabling people to reduce risk of disease, together with improving health practice naturally. Ranjan is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, specialised in Ayurvedic Lifestyle, gut management, plant based diet and diabetes reduction. She has been a Raja Yoga Meditation teacher and student for last 33 years, together with doing many talks, workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

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