Inner Space - only a step off the busy, bustling High Road – an oasis of calm stillness and nurturing – has provided many thousands of people with spiritual tools through courses, talks and meditation.

Reflecting Wembley’s ethnically diverse citizens, we regularly run activities, workshops and discussions in many languages which include English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi and Tamil. More About Us

Tuesday Talks

Hope In Our Resilient Hearts


Hope can mean many things, anticipation, aspiration, belief, faith, wishes are a few. A resilient heart is someone with a capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or setbacks.

Overcoming Self Sabotage


Self-sabotage is a very common behaviour pattern wherein we actively or subconsciously prevent ourselves from achieving our goals or reaching our potential. It stems from

Exploring Our Inner Tapestries


A tapestry can be described as a work of embroidered art. It can involve intricate and detailed work in many colours, stitches and styles.

Courses & Upcoming Events

Fast Track RajaYoga course in Gujarati


Raja Yoga, the very heart of Inner Space’s service, is ‘yoga for the mind’; no physical exercises, postures or mantras are necessary or performed.

Self Esteem


Self esteem is hard to find if you look in the wrong place or in the wrong way.


At Inner Space Wembley discover shelves of inspiring books, cards and lots more spiritual boosting.


Spin the wheel every day and enjoy the magic.
Let it colour your world.

Quiet room

In a world full of noise, bustle and haste, a space dedicated to being in the quiet, in stillness, is a rare oasis.