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Inner Space - only a step off the busy, bustling High Road – an oasis of calm stillness and nurturing – has provided many thousands of people with spiritual tools through courses, talks and meditation.

Reflecting Wembley’s ethnically diverse citizens, we regularly run activities, workshops and discussions in many languages which include English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi and Tamil. More About Us

Covid-19: Activities Update

We are continuing our activities as usual at present and are closely following the unfolding advice on the Corona virus from the UK Government and Public Health England. We are asking everyone visiting or working in our centres and at our events to stay aware of and follow the latest advice from Government to minimise the risk of the virus spreading. In particular, if you have a high temperature, cough, cold or any flu-like symptoms, we request you not to come to the centre or attend our events for at least 7 days. We will provide as much online as we can through various channels. We are supporting our elderly and more vulnerable volunteers and emphasising health and hygiene at our centres. Please do continue to take time for self reflection and meditation, as a calm mind is very helpful at such times. Thank you for your continued support.

Tuesday Talks

Recognizing True Worth - Power to Discern


This power enables us to see clearly and separate the true from the false, the right from the wrong. We need to use this power with every decision we make on a daily basis.

Accurate Decision Making - Power to Judge


This is the ability to assess the choices we make for ourselves and in others. Spiritual practice means looking at myself, what good or bad action or choice did I make?

Beyond Fear - Power to Face


This is a power that enables us to confront and resolve any obstacles or challenges in our lives. When we face something we can tolerate the wrong,

Courses & Upcoming Events

Reflective Meditation


Meditation is a natural experience of taking space and enjoying time with yourself.

Women's Empowerment Group


An open group to promote exploration and understanding of spiritual strengths and how these can facilitate personal growth.

Introduction to Raja Yoga Meditation


Raja Yoga, the very heart of Inner Space’s service, is ‘yoga for the mind’; no physical exercises, postures or mantras are necessary or performed.


At Inner Space Wembley discover shelves of inspiring books, cards and lots more spiritual boosting.


Spin the wheel every day and enjoy the magic.
Let it colour your world.

Quiet room

In a world full of noise, bustle and haste, a space dedicated to being in the quiet, in stillness, is a rare oasis.