To respect the mind, we meditate, to respect the body, we exercise and to respect the soul we create silence power. The ancient art of yoga has long-term benefits for the mind, body, and soul. For a permanent solution to peace and happiness on earth, we need to connect with the Supreme to get the power.
Celebrating International yoga day, come join us to deepen the experience of the Supreme Light in life. 
Speaker: Iona Goga
Despite a busy lifestyle, Ioana’s deep interest in a higher purpose of life led her to discover meditation in 2009.  She sees that there is a common need for peace and happiness in everyone’s life. “Change starts from within and we are responsible for the way we feel, as well as for what we transmit to others”. Ioana is fully committed to live a life based on spiritual principles and meditation has brought her tremendous benefits i.e. inner wealth, happiness and mental health.

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