Trust is a key ingredient in any loving relationship, be it with the self or others. Is it something natural that happens on its own or is it a journey? What if the trust is broken and there are feelings of mistrust and doubts? Can they be mended and healed easily?
This very vital talk looks at how to live a life of trust and the spiritual principles connected with it - leading to a sense of belonging and safety.
Speaker: Daxa Shah 
Daxa Shah, originally an Accounts Graduate, has dedicated the last 35 years of her life to humanitarian service. Daxa is currently co-ordinator of ‘Inner Space’ – a free community service specifically crafted to offer individuals, local communities and businesses everything from quick respite to longer term tools for coping with the stresses of life today. Daxa has a quiet passion for ‘building bridges’ –the type that creates common ground between people from very different backgrounds. 

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