It is said 'in the spirit of the game' and we relish a game as a player or in a play as an actor. The art of learning to be a detached player helps to bring clarity, a sense of easiness in letting go, to freely engage fearlessly, creating solutions, to play every scene in the story of life and experience joy and much more.  
Join us and tune in to learn this unique art and the rules of the game.
About Speaker: Madhavi Patale
Madhavi Patale has been a student of Rajayoga for the past 26 years and presently is the coordinator of activities for the Brahma Kumaris in Queens, New York.  She holds an MBA in Finance and Human Resource Management. Madhavi has been involved in creating and facilitating outreach activities, sessions and workshops in companies, libraries, health fairs and more, to help individuals connect to their deep spiritual potential and core values. She regularly conducts meditation sessions for corporate staff at Perry Ellis International (New York) on spiritual awareness, ‘what matters most’, and creating a harmonious working culture.

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