Worry less Live More

Can we make 'don't worry, be happy' a reality in our daily lives? Sometimes it's the day-to-day little things that worry us more. Is it possible to use our energy to find solutions rather than spending it in worrisome thoughts?

The speaker will explore this topic and share valuable tips on how to live a worriless life.


Speaker- Kanan Patel  

Kanan Patel has been studying and practising Raja Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris, for over 30 years. Raised in Kenya and educated in the UK and India she has a blend of eastern spiritual wisdom and western education and culture. She is an experienced meditation teacher, an international speaker and spiritual educator.  She has worked with young leaders who have interest in self-development in their communities from a spiritual perspective.  She believes that world transformation can happen when there is inner self transformation. 


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