Confidence through Karma
In this completely unpredictable world, it is comforting to know that certain laws of life can be relied upon. The fruits of good actions act as protection, a canopy in times of need. They bring a silent confidence that encourages us to trust and perform further goodness.
The speaker in this talk will explore the fascinating connection between confidence and karma.
Speaker:Gopi Patel
Gopi Patel is a spiritual educator and senior Raja Yoga teacher with the Brahma Kumaris. Introduced to the spiritual path in the late 70’s with her family; at age 8, she had her first meditation experience. Her years of meditation and spiritual study have brought a clarity and profound insight into the creative transformation process from inside out. She travels extensively, emphasising spiritual awareness and principles as an essential ingredient in sustainable social, economic development and organisational effectiveness. In this capacity, she has spoken and run seminars on government platforms, ministries, businesses, social organisations and NGOs worldwide. She has 30 years of experience coordinating projects promoting the inner principles of leadership, for young leaders, women leaders, senior executives and thought leaders from diverse fields.  Her lightness, love for humanity’s wellbeing and pragmatic down to earth wisdom make her a spiritual friend to all.

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