Harmony through Humility
The gentle energy of humility is a great strength to build new pathways and bring harmony. It is said in Hindi, ‘Haar-mani’, to accept defeat, which really means to let go of negative, egoistic feelings and respond with love and acceptance.
In delicate situations, learn how to emerge and use humility, sometimes as a fortress, a shield, sometimes as a bridge and sometimes as a power.
Speaker: Harika Nimmala
Harika, originally from Hyderabad, India, has been practising Raja Yoga since her teenage years. Currently, she is based at the Brahma Kumaris National Coordinating Office in London, where she helps with administration and coordinates activities in Harrow. She finds spirituality to be both a source of joy and an invaluable tool in life, allowing her to delve into her inner strengths and skills while sharing her discoveries and learnings with others.

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