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Many people seeking spiritual understanding are aged 18 - 40. Inner Space Wembley (ISW) is here for the youth to allow them to explore and experiment with positivity in life. So, we host special events for you to join in and share that special space that only youth understand!

Why? In this fragile world, empowering young people is essential and will only happen when youth realise we have something of value to give to the world. Our events are designed to enable you to plug into your innate greatness and to bring your inner electricity into focus to provide a current of love, hope, and compassion to the planet.

Our aims:

  • To meet, to share, to empower and to create a feeling of 'brotherhood' between all members of the human family by developing spiritual consciousness
  • To inspire potential and build personal inner capacity leading to new kinds of choices and actions
  • To develop collaborative programmes that enhance the good judgment, concentration and self-confidence of young people.
  • We invite the world’s youth from all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and faiths, male and female, who are inspired to bring positive change into the world.
  • We’ll provide the space and facilitate the conversations and workshops, where you can commune with others aspiring to be agents of change in their communities.


There are currently no planned dates.