Through art, we can find  common themes over time in very diverse cultures.  In this session we will explore some of these themes that are shared throughout history in a variety of cultures across different continents.
These themes have been a thread that has united the greatest cultures through the times, showing a common essence of their beliefs revealing the roots of their deep values.
About Speaker:
Jos Lejarreta has been serving as a qualified Professor of Art for the past 15 years of which 9 years, she has taught different art disciplines, such as mosaics, painting, drawing, sculpture and has exhibited personal works of art in different contexts.  With an emphasis on symbols and their meanings, Jos's work acts as a vehicle for deepening understanding of art and its hidden messages.
As a Raj Yoga meditation student and teacher for over 10 years, her meditation practice allows her to understand what is communicated through the artist at different levels of consciousness

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