How to turn stress Into success

Stress happens when we have thoughts that create feelings that feel uncomfortable… and as this happens so quickly, we don’t know anything other than we feel (di-)stressed.

How can we understand what’s going on?

Why is it that what we think should matter? Surely it’s other people or situations we face that make us feel like we do?

How about looking to understand these things differently?

What the course will cover:

Introduction to stress management - identifying the causes of and cures for stress

Self management - the inside story - clarifying identities and values

Relationship management - healing relationships

Life management - rediscovering meaning and purpose

Course Structure:

A single-session activity to understand what stress is – its causes, etc., how to manage the effect it has on your life and how to improve your relationships and life with this new understanding.

Saturday 1 Session 2.00 to 4.00 pm

Stress-Free Living courses are provided free of charge.

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