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When learning anything new, it's always useful to have a few things up your sleeve to help.

This page is your resource for tips and tools designed to make your life and learning experience so much simpler.

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- Practical tips & tools gathered from positive spiritual theory.

Below are a selection of tips and resources gathered from around the world of the BKWSU. Wanting to experience peace of mind can be a powerful driver in our lives but HOW? to live our lives in a simple practical manner, can become an added stress!

Some advice and suggestions about how to view life…

Design your very own sanctuary Taking a moment to “get away from it all” is something we all love to do. Tips: drop distractions including switching off your phone, listen to soothing music and sit in a place (a sanctuary) where you feel calm in your space. Finding solitude is a good place to review your world, recent events and to develop new dreams. Silent moments provide mini-retreats for you to refresh, replenish and renovate the soul.

Your choice about old personal baggage

Heavy emotional baggage is hard work to carry. You wouldn’t choose to lug an extra heavy backpack when hiking, so why would you choose to carry deep and distress-filled emotions from your past on your shoulders of today? Tip: realise your history doesn’t serve you now, let it go. Lead the life you want to live by letting go of the life you once led!

Overcome guilt by climbing off its throne

Guilt and feeling guilty is like rocking a rocking chair – back and forth, back and forth – and going nowhere! Better to just get out of the chair. Tips: ask your-self - what can I do to move my emotional state? How can I make amends? How can I deal with forgiving my-self or others involved in what happened? Then act on what you feel is constructive to deal with the situation. Doing this will help you feel better about your-self.

If you start something, finish it!

Successfully finishing a task is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Often we have many bits of unfinished projects in our lives which both clutter and overload our minds. Whenever possible, complete what you set out to do and release anything unfinished – this gives you a sense of achievement and peace of mind. Tip: sometimes it requires breaking a task down into small chunks that can be completed over time, and finishing them before starting something new.

Freedom from fear(s)

Fear is a powerful emotion, when let loose in our minds. It builds walls inside ourselves, the tallest of which is the one between our real self and our perceived self. Fear has the ability to burrow into our deepest places, to dictate both our awareness and behaviour, literally poisoning everything that makes up our lives. One of fear’s powers is how insidiously it runs in our subconscious mind, like a lullaby, making our conscious sleep. Tip: notice how your world is driven by what you fear, then re-mind your-self that this emotion is not yours, it just follows your fear-filled thoughts. Be kind to your inner child that may be scared of something that is hidden; this kindness helps you build and re-discover your inner powers and, as they grow, the effect of fear in your life will lessen its grip. The powerful trio are: patience, tolerance and contentment. Patience and tolerance help us to live in the world – amongst the slings and arrows of problems and traumas and how they affect us and our loved ones – they provide the faith that, no matter what happens to any of us, we’ll have the power needed to face all that unfolds in our lives. Contentment is the feeling that I am OK and everything is OK. Together, these three powers enable dignity and self-respect, whilst building inner strength and reflecting the inner spiritual beauty that’s natural to the self. Inner spiritual power is the normal state of the soul – it allows a pure, seamless response to any conflict or problem that faces us. Our lives help create complex, negative conditioning within us and our violent reactions to situations. Insecurity creates anger, rejection, fear, jealousy and aggression inside us. This trio of patience, tolerance and contentment - reminds us of our power and helps us adapt, be ever alert to the skills and abilities we have, and help us develop our non-violent responses to life. Together, they enable us to understand and experience our of inner peace, the power and sweetness of unconditional love and increase the experience of bliss inside our very core.